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Morons Banksy

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Morons is a screen print executed by Banksy in 2006, depicting an auctioneer conducting a sale to a room packed with bidders. It was first displayed at the artist’s iconic American exhibition Barely Legal, which took place in a warehouse in Los Angeles that same year.

Morons is one of six prints belonging to a rare and valuable collection referred to as the Barely Legal Print Set, which also includes the works Grannies, Applause, Trolleys, Sale Ends and Festival. Morons is one of the most detailed and intricate works from the set.

Morons was originally released at the exhibition as an edition of 100 unsigned prints, printed by Modern Multiples, that sold for $500 a piece. In 2007, Banksy’s UK-based printer Pictures of Walls re-edited additional Morons prints in three different colours, with a further 500 unsigned and 150 signed prints in pure monochrome, as well as 300 signed prints on a sepia background. The original LA edition differs from those released by Pictures of Walls, with the inclusion of a gold frame around one of the paintings portrayed within the print.

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