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Bayer Suite Keith Haring

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The Bayer Suite series is an early work by Keith Haring depicted in his iconic linear style. The set of six prints were commissioned by Bayer AG on the occasion of the release of the heart medication ‘Sali-Adalat’ and consists of a variety of motifs on the theme of movement and the heart.

Across the series, Haring limits his colour palette to black, red and white, producing a highly simplified and stylised set of works. The simplistic form and positive visual language of the Bayer Suite recalls the artist’s early subway drawings – executed in white chalk on the black paper panels put up before a new advertisement was pasted in place in the New York subway system – which earned him both notoriety and acclaim.

In this series Haring depicts a variety of genderless figures dancing, running and celebrating. Graphic, red lines radiate from the characters in each print, to create a pulsating effect that fills the series with a sense of joy, movement and dynamism. The Bayer Suite series bursts with energy and vigour, a key characteristic of Haring’s highly recognisable style that makes his work so appealing and unique.

Why is Bayer Suite important?

Much like fellow graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haring reuses particular symbols throughout his artistic oeuvre to produce a memorable pictorial language. The central figure of Bayer Suite 3 resembles Haring’s famous angel icon, a winged figure with its arms and legs spread outwards. The angel motif is demonstrative of the way Haring shaped religious source material to reflect contemporary concerns of his generation and is used repeatedly by Haring, in works such as Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1984) and Anti-Nuclear Rally (1982).

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