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Featuring some of the artist’s most recognisable motifs of his prolific career, Keith Haring’s Icons series is a set of five prints each showing a single symbol rendered in his vivid and linear style. Depicted in flattened, saturated colours and contoured in thick, bold lines, the series presents five Haring icons; the radiant baby, angel, flying devil, three-eyed monster and barking dog.

Much like fellow graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haring reuses particular symbols, all present in the Icons series, to produce a memorable pictorial language. The symbols used in this series first appeared in Haring’s New York subway drawings from early on in his career, notably the radiant baby ‘tag’ that the artist used in place of his signature on public art projects. Uncompromising in its positive tone, Haring’s syntax of signs in this series creates a universal language to be seen and understood by the masses of New York, thus producing a true public art charged with meaning.

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