Anonymous street artist Stik is best known for his distinctive androgynous figures which can be seen everywhere, from the streets of Hackney to Tompkins Square Park in New York. With their block colours and black outlines these stick figures are instantly recognisable, their eyes reduced to dots and lines and yet managing to convey a range of expressions that evoke empathy in the viewer.


While he is not quite as reclusive as Banksy, Stik still prefers to go by a name that reflects his artistic style more than his identity, and chooses to withhold certain autobiographical information from the media. In recent years his work has been exhibited widely and the artist has been commissioned to paint a number of authorised murals, as well as holding a series of lectures and workshops to educate younger generations on street art, but he remains under the radar. This anonymity is perhaps an important part of his success and over the course of his career Stik has also proved himself to be savvy about the business side of his art, participating in key collaborations and charity partnerships that have earned him the admiration of fans all over the world as well as 50,000 followers on Instagram and a wide collector base.

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