Banksy Love Is In The Air Signed Print

Love Is In The Air (Flower Thrower) Banksy

Love Is In The Air, also known as the Flower Thrower or LIITA, by Banksy first appeared in 2003 as a large format stencilled graffiti in Jerusalem shortly after the construction of the West Bank Wall. The graffiti was made on the 760-kilometre wall that separates the Palestinian West Bank from Israel, a wall which ‘essentially turns Palestine into the world’s largest open prison’, according to the guerilla artist. The wall rapidly became a giant art canvas for paintings and writings to protest against its construction. Banksy returned there in 2005 to paint a series of 9 provocative works supporting freedom and equality. His combat in favour of peace led him to intervene in Gaza in 2015 where he painted 4 new pieces among the ruins of a bombed city in order to highlight the plight of the people living in the Gaza Strip. Shortly after its creation. Since then, the artist has created several versions of the stencil on canvas but also print runs. It is arguably one of his most iconic and most sought-after artworks which has been reproduced as posters, phone covers, T-shirts by shopkeepers all over the world. On top of that, the image featured on the cover of Banksy’s 2005 famous book Wall and Piece.

Love Is In The Air was released as a print on the red background with an edition of 150 Love Is In The Air (Flower Thrower) signed prints and 500 unsigned prints.

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