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Nola Banksy

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Nola, also known as Umbrella Girl or Rain Girl, first appeared in 2008, painted by Banksy on the streets of the Marigny neighbourhood in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, three years after the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina.

The work was part of a series of 14 murals which referenced the disaster that struck the city affectionately known as ‘Nola’. The first Nola signed print was subsequently released later that year as a limited edition of 289 signed works.

The work features a young girl carrying an umbrella; however, in one of Banksy’s characteristic twists, the pouring rain paradoxically appears from within the canopy of the umbrella itself. The girl tentatively extends a cupped hand in obvious confusion, only to find that the umbrella is, in fact, the source of the downpour, as opposed to offering protection from it. 

The first edition featured white raindrops while later, larger editions included 63 prints with grey rain, 32 with neon orange rain, 31 in neon yellow and 66 artist proofs with multicolour rain. All are numbered and signed by the artist.

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