Sir Terry Frost

Sir Terry Frost was one of the main protagonists in the hugely influential post-second world war group of artists who attended art school on ex-servicemen’s grants.

Serving in the British Army from 1939-45, Sir Terry Frost started painting while being held as a prisoner of war in Germany in 1943. On his return to England, he studied at the Camberwell School of Arts where he joined the Euston Road Group and created a selection of realist artworks. In the 1950’s, Sir Terry Frost began to utilise the abstract formal pictorial language of flat shape and vibrant colours to create a series of abstract paintings. It was these abstract paintings that propelled Sir Terry Frost into the limelight and made him one of Britain’s best-known artists.

A retrospective art exhibition of Sir Terry Frost’s work was held at the Mayor Gallery, London in 1990 and in 2000 a major retrospective, Terry Frost: Six Decades, was held at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Frosts paintings (his most famous including: Sun and Boats and Orchard Tambourine) and original, limited edition prints are highly valued to this day.

Sir Terry Frost

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