Banksy Laugh Now Signed Print

Laugh Now Banksy

Laugh Now by the notoriously secretive artist and activist Banksy is considered to be from the artist’s early period of work. Instead of appearing in the streets, it was first seen in 2002 as a commissioned work done for Ocean Rooms nightclub in Brighton. The piece was originally a large format, more precisely a six-metre long spray painting repeating ten times the Laugh Now stencil that formed the backdrop for the bar located on Morely Street. In 2008, the Brighton nightclub sold the painting which realised a record auction price at the time.

Laugh Now is a stencilled work in Banksy’s famous black and white signature style. It portrays a depressed looking monkey wearing a sandwich board which reads «Laugh Now, But One Day We’ll Be in Charge ». The monkey’s heavy shoulders and his sunken eyes make him look oppressed and enslaved. One more time, Banksy uses animals to comment upon today’s society. The monkey – one of Banksy’s most iconic figure along with rats – is used to caricature the humans’ way of living and thinking. The sentence on the board appears like a catch phrase among others used by the artist to deliver a message of wisdom. Indeed the work depicts with sarcasm how humans are oppressed by capitalism.

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