Banksy Laugh Now Signed Print

Laugh Now Banksy

Laugh Now is famous Banksy image first seen in 2002. The artwork shows a monkey, standing up wearing a traditional looking sandwich board which reads ‘Laugh Now But One Day We’ll Be In Charge.’ Laugh Now is in a simple, Banksy-esque stencil style, in black and white. The monkey’s shoulders hang heavy and his brow seems to be furrowed, evidently the monkey is oppressed and enslaved – though he also appears to be preparing for an uprising, a revolution of some kind. Clearly, the obvious meaning of this piece is a scathing comment on the way in which man has subjugated his primate ancestors, slaughtered them, poached them or used them for entertainment. However, it could also be said that the monkey is representative of the ‘masses’ or the ‘common man’ burdened and oppressed by capitalism (a subject Banksy returns to time and time again). The disillusioned populous simply waiting for the revolution to come. As a Banksy art, this piece is well-known and is regularly in demand; its relatively low edition size contributes to its desirability – there are just 150 Laugh Now signed prints and 600 unsigned prints.