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Knight With Lady (Knight And Lady)

Knight With Lady (Knight And Lady)
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Woodcut, 1951
Signed Print Edition of 10
H 28cm x W 38cm

Critical Review

Lichtenstein’s Knight With Lady from 1951 is a semi-fantastical illustration that hints at the artist’s notorious satirical sensibilities. The work features characters appropriated from historical paintings inserted into a surprising cubist narrative. Lichtenstein’s borrowed medieval iconography pokes fun at traditional Western portraits featuring the same subject matter.

The artist depicts a heroic knight rescuing a helpless maiden. They’re fleeing the scene on horseback with the help of the knight’s trusted stallion. The figures are abstract, verging on mythical, and their proportions are markedly unrealistic. The artist lends his angular composition and elementary forms a whimsical painterly quality, elevating these from serious to comedic. Knight With Lady works with naturalistic pigments, mirroring the colour scheme of 15th century textiles and tapestries.

Manufactured on white drawing paper, all pictorial elements are here distinctly delineated as a result of the printing method. Lichtenstein’s Approaching the Castleof the same year presents a similar gouged woodcut rendition of a knight’s tale.