Invader Hello my game is Two silkscreens on paper 2009

Hello My Game Is Invader

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Why is Hello My Name Is so important?

Evocatively reminiscent of Invader’s public pieces, the series of prints ‘Hello My Game Is…’ represents simultaneously a milestone in Invader’s presence within the institutional art scene and a testament to his ongoing engagement with the playful world of children.

This series of prints, whose production spanned from 2007 to 2017, and whose name is a pun playing on the ‘Hello My Name is …’ tags, encompasses a variety of different subjects, all sharing in their quotation of the 8-bit visual register of arcade games and in the pixelated texture that has become Invader’s signature.

Some of the prints pertaining to the series were self-published by Invader in collaboration with London publisher and printer POW (Pictures on Walls), a company dedicated to producing and printing Street Art in the form of original print editions. Working with POW, Invader used a special relief printing technology, which allowed him to bring out the image’s mosaic-like structure along with each pixel separately.

The more recent prints, especially the ones produced in 2017, were instead published in conjunction with Invader’s solo eponymous exhibition at the Musée en Herbe in Paris, Hello My Game Is …, which opened in January 2017 and ran for six months in the Parisian gallery.

The show, and concomitantly the prints, were envisioned by Invader as a means of engaging children into his universe, per the aims of the Musée en Herbe in Paris, whose self-declared mission lies in organising exhibitions imagined as shared familial activities capable of involving children and their families.

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