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Why are Invasion Kits so important?

Small and portable in size, Invader’s Invasion Kits afford the avid Street Art collector the possibility of owning one of the iconic Space Invader mosaics, which have taken over the globe ever since their first release in 1998. Owing their names to Invader’s literal worldwide Invasion project, operated through the glueing of pixel-like mosaic tiles over public settings, these Invasions Kits are a rare find cable of amusing both avid Invader enthusiasts, video game lovers and children alike.

Invasion Kits are but another one of Invader’s attempts to make his art available and accessible to the public, similarly to the various prints he released in the same vein like Aladdin Sane or Hello My Game is… Whilst much of Invader’s art is already available to the greater public in the form of his Space Invader project, through which the artist incessantly ‘invades’ different cities by tagging them with his distinctive mosaic signature, the Invasion Kits have been personally designed by the artist with a twofold purpose. On the one hand, the Invasion Kits allow Invader’s collectors to lay their hands on a real-life signature piece of the artist. The purchase was originally done through SpaceShop, an online platform where the artist disseminates his projects and, at rare but fortunate times, allows viewers to shop limited and signed editions of his pieces. This allows him to further finance his world invasions, therefore contributing to the dissemination of what has now become a global real-life gaming and artistic phenomenon.

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