Harland Miller is a British writer and artist best known for producing a series of paintings based on Penguin book covers, including International Lonely Guy and Fuck Art Let’s Dance.

Graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 1988, Harland Miller travelled the world exhibiting his work in London, New York, Berlin and New Orleans. As a writer and artist Miller’s work explores the relationship between words and images. His paintings, sculptures and mix-media artworks combine the two to comment on the frequent disconnect between representation and reality.

In 2001, Miller created a series of paintings based on the covers of Penguin classic dust covers. In this series, Miller combined Pop Art, abstraction, and figurative paintings to create a series of humorous, sardonic and nostalgic giant artworks.

In 2008, Miller organised a collective exhibition titled, You Dig the Tunnel, I’ll Hide the Soil, at London’s White Cube Gallery, where he asked artists including Tracey Emin to make a work in response to a piece of writing by Edgar Allan Poe. Miller collaborated with fellow artist Tracey Emin, on a work; and said to Emin in regards to their piece, “I really like it because I can’t tell which part she did, and which part I did. Maybe that’s because she painted over all the bits that I did …”, to which Emin replied, “I think I did paint over them, yeah definitely; but it was a true collaboration because you stood over me while I made the painting.”

Harland Miller