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Index Book
Unsigned Print

Andy Warhol


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Lithograph, 1967
Unsigned Print Edition of 365
H 29cm x W 22cm

Toni Clayton

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Meaning & Analysis

The book contains numerous pop-ups, fold-outs and collage additions along with one 7” Flexi disc of Lou Reed. Contributors to the book include Stephen Shore, Billy Name, Nat Finkelstein, Paul Morissey, Ondine, Nico, Christopher Cerf, Gerald Harrison, Akihito Shirakawa and David Paul. Editor of the book, Alan Rinzler, explains that its making was a ‘very collaborative creative process’ and that there was significant pressure to ensure it included appropriate artistic elements that were consistent with Warhol’s repertoire of Pop Art and mixed media artworks.

The book was self-published by Warhol in 1967 and has been called ‘a children’s book for hipsters’ due to its interactive nature and the intriguing variety of works it contains. The book is meant to reflect Warhol’s creative output during his time living in New York and working in his iconic studio, The Factory.

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