Widely considered to be the father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol has influenced countless artists, designers and musicians and become an icon of the 20th century. Known as much for his look as his art, his name is synonymous with the celebrity culture and mass consumerism which came to define the American Dream.

Warhol’s work famously makes use of the silkscreen technique – which he adapted from commercial printing – to colour and repeat an original image multiple times. This led to the artist choosing to depict everyday consumer goods such as the Campbell’s Soup can and the Brillo Box – which were themselves multiplied ad infinitum on supermarket shelves – along with Hollywood stars and tragic news events, all in the same striking Pop Art style. Whether it’s a Marilyn, an Elvis or an Electric Chair, Warhol brought his unique vision to all facets of American society while at the same time embracing its many subcultures, creating a hub for muses, models and drag queens at the studio he set up in New York’s Midtown which became known as the Factory.

Whether it was managing the Velvet Underground, starting Interview magazine or filming himself eating a hamburger, Warhol knew how to make his fame last longer than the 15 minutes he predicted for everybody else. Not afraid of selling out, Warhol made a business out of being an artist and while he was hated by some for his success, he remained a darling of the art world until his death in 1987.

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