Banksy is contemporary art royalty, a household name, the media’s favourite and the faceless artist responsible for Devolved Parliament – a painting that smashed auction records in October 2019, selling for almost £10 million. The rate at which the artist’s popularity has soared in the last 20 years is unprecedented and the demand for his works is simply unrivalled.

The most famous of them all is Girl with Balloon which was first released as a signed edition of 600 in 2004 for £150 each. Today, they can sell for over £100,000. Last year an artist’s proof with a gold balloon sold for £395,250 at an online auction, setting a new world record for a Banksy print. It’s a clear picture: highly sought after and showing no signs of slowing down, Banksy is strictly a multimillionaire’s market only – or is he?  

Prices for Banksy’s prints run from a few thousand up to hundreds of thousands, based on marketability, demand and whether you’re after a signed or unsigned edition. Whilst public auction records can give you some idea of price so much of his output is now traded privately that you need to speak to someone on the inside of the market to give you a realistic sense of value.



Flags, unsigned



Toxic Mary, unsigned 


Weston super mare banksy print

Weston Super Mare, unsigned 


Banksy Bomb Middle England

Bomb Middle England, unsigned 


Napalm Banksy print

Napalm, unsigned


jack and Jill banksy

Jack and Jill, unsigned


banksy hmv

HMV, unsigned


turf war banksy

Turf war, unsigned


have a nice day banksy

Have a nice day, unsigned


banksy trolleys

Trolleys, unsigned


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