While school’s out, we’ve got the art classes covered. Every child must rebel, so let them learn from the greatest with our easy colour and cut-out printables. The series celebrates hope, community and love through the works of some the greatest street artists of all time.

Street art is all about the message the work conveys, so tag us with your finished work on Instagram @myartbroker, add the message you’d like to send out to the world right now, and we’ll feature some of the best online later this month. #channeltheirinnervandal

Banksy’s Girl With Balloon

Girl with Balloon is Banksy’s most famous work, and was voted the nation’s favourite artwork of all time, it demonstrates the graffiti stencil technique which Banksy has become renowned for the world over. The work’s meaning is hotly contested – is the girl reaching for the balloon or letting it go? What do you think? Either way the heart – it is agreed – signifies hope. #channeltheirinnervandal

Shepard Fairey’s ‘Make art, not war’

Make art, not war – the truest motto for street artists the world over. Shepard Fairey is one of the most influential street artists of all time, he started off working on skateboards, and now his work has been used in screen-prints, stencils, stickers, films, illustrations, sculptures, posters, paintings, and murals. What will you do with yours? #channeltheirinnervandal

Keith Haring Untitled (Heart)

Keith Haring is one of the most influential and adored artists of the 20th century, his bold graphic style has inspired many. He started out using the city as his canvas, making chalk drawings in subway stations. Where will you graffiti yours while in lockdown? #channeltheirinnervandal

KAWS’ Companion

As a student Brian Donnelly painted his tag ‘KAWS’ on the roof of a building at his school so that he could see it outside while attending class. He started ‘subvertising’ billboards, bus shelters, and phone booths in the 1990s, this was when the artist would break into advertising posters and rework them with his own messaging. Reinvention is one of the key themes of Street Art, what will you reinvent today?




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