A new day, a new record price for a Banksy artwork it seems. Show Me The Monet become the second most expensive Banksy painting ever sold at auction, selling for £7,551,60 in the Sotheby’s Post Contemporary Evening Auction. 

The work was bought by a telephone bidder, bidding with Patti Wong, Chairman  of Sotheby’s Asia. Bidding throughout the lot was slow and steady until the end, as the bids climbed well above the presale estimate of £3,000,000-£5,000,000. Our co-founder Joe Syer commented after the sale:

“This record price for Show me the Monet solidifies the incredible year that the Banksy market has enjoyed. Banksy has proven to be one of the most resilient assets with prices up 83% since the beginning of the year.

We’re experiencing unprecedented demand from our investors in 2020 with new and growing interest internationally, but especially from the Asian market.”


Top Prices Paid for Banksy at Auction:

Devolved Parliament, £9.9 million

Banksy Devolved Parliament

DEVOLVED PARLIAMENT (£9.9 million) ©Sothebys

Banksy’s satirical painting of the House of Commons invaded by chimpanzees sold in the Sotheby’s Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale for £9.9 million on 3 October 2019. Spanning a huge 4 metres in width, Devolved Parliament was painted in 2009 and had a pre-sale estimate of just £1.5–2 million. The artist reacted to the result by posting a quote on his Instagram from art critic Robert Hughes which included the line, ‘But the price of a work of art is now part of its function, its new job is to sit on the wall and get more expensive’ along with the comment, ‘Record price for a Banksy painting set at auction tonight. Shame I didn’t still own it.’


Show Me The Monet, £7.55 million

Banksy's Show Me The Monet

SHOW ME THE MONET (£7,551,600)

At £7,551,600, Show Me The Monet became the second most expensive artwork ever sold at auction when it sold at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction in London on 21 October 2020. Banksy had written in 2005, the year he made the painting, that the “real damage done to our environment is not done by graffiti writers and drunken teenagers, but by big business… exactly the people who put gold-framed pictures of landscapes on their walls and try to tell the rest of us how to behave”. Fifteen years on, his critique remains as relevant as ever.


Forgive Us Our Trespassing, £6.3 million


FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSING (£6.3 million) ©Sothebys

Forgive Us Our Trespassing from 2011 sold to an anonymous Asian collector for HK$64.1 million (£6.3 million) after an eight-minute bidding battle at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong on 4 October 2020. At 7m tall, the painting is among Banksy’s largest known canvases and is a reworking of his 2010 graffiti painting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Banksy invited over 100 students from Los Angeles’ City of Angels school to help tag the piece’s graffiti-covered stained glass windows.


Mediterranean Sea View 2017, £2.23 million

From Rembrandt to Richter

MEDITERRANEAN SEA VIEW 2017 (£2.23 million) ©Sothebys

To raise funds for a Bethlehem hospital, Banksy donated a set of three oil paintings spotlighting the European migrant crisis to Sotheby’s From Rembrandt to Richter evening auction on 28 July 2020. The tryptic, Mediterranean Sea View 2017, sold for £2.23 million. All the proceeds were donated to the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation and will be used to build a new acute stroke unit and purchase children’s rehabilitation equipment.


Monkey Poison, £1.6 million


MONKEY POISON (£1.6 million) ©Phillips

Stencilled in spray paint on a reproduced Old Master work, Monkey Poison from 2004 features Banksy’s most beloved character – the chimpanzee. Banksy has used this motif since the early 2000s and it is now arguably his most iconic. His other well-known works to feature chimps include Monkey Queen, Laugh Now and, of course, Devolved Parliament. Monkey Poison offers the dark humour and socio-political undercurrents typical of Banksy’s style: a cheerful, comic strip-like character in a quintessential pastoral scene, unaware of the poison he consumes. It is both a comment on the excess of fossil fuels in our modern culture and a pointed critique on animal cruelty. The work sold at Phillips in New York on 2 July 2020.


Keep it Spotless, £1.3 million


KEEP IT SPOTLESS (£1.3 million) ©Sothebys

Despite much evidence to the contrary, there are still many out there who believe Banksy is none other than YBA sensation Damien Hirst. Though this theory has been discredited for a long time, the two did once collaborate on a piece called Keep It Spotless which features a woman dressed as a maid pulling up the edge of one of Hirst’s Spot paintings in order to sweep under it. This was sold for £1.3 million at Sotheby’s New York in 2008.


Vote To Love, £1,155,000

Vote to Love Banksy Sothebys

VOTE TO LOVE (£1,155,000) ©Sothebys

Banksy first created Vote To Love for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition in 2018, submitting it under the pseudonym Bryan S Gaakman (an anagram of “Anagram Banksy”). The work – which features a spray painted heart over a UKIP poster, replacing its message to ‘Leave’ the European Union with ‘Love’ instead – was initially rejected by the committee. It was later accepted when Banksy resubmitted the work under his own name. Vote To Love sold for £1,155,000, almost twice its high estimate, to an American banker at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction on 11 February 2019. When asked why he made the purchase, he reportedly said, “What can I say, my kids love it.”


Love is in the Bin, £1.04 million

Banksy Love is in the bin

LOVE IS IN THE BIN (£1,042,000) ©Sothebys

In October 2018, Banksy’s Girl With A Balloon went to auction at Sotheby’s. Just as the hammer came down at £1.04 million the painting began to self destruct, appearing to slip down inside the frame only to come out the other side in shreds, becoming a new work, Love Is In The Bin. The stunt was reported worldwide and Sotheby’s senior director Alex Branczik famously commented, “It appears we just got Banksy-ed”.


Girl with Balloon – Colour AP (Purple), £791,250

Purple Girl with Balloon

GIRL WITH BALLOON – COLOUR AP, PURPLE, (£791,250) ©Christie’s

This September, Banksy’s Girl with Balloon – Colour AP (Purple) realised £791,250 in Christie’s second offering of their aptly named online auction, ‘Banksy: I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t’. Achieving over double its high estimate, the screenprint smashed the previous auction record held by a Banksy print, set by Girl with Balloon – Colour AP (Gold) in September 2019 for £395,250. Girl with Balloon – Colour AP (Purple) is of course based on Banksy’s original Girl With A Balloon murals and the painting that became Love Is In The Bin – but features a very rare purple heart balloon instead of the classic red version. 


Mona Lisa, £731,250

MONA LISA banksy

MONA LISA (£731,250) ©Sothebys

Banksy’s spray painted  Mona Lisa with a rocket launcher was first offered on the secondary market at Sotheby’s in February 2008. Estimated at £30,000-40,000, it exceeded four times that amount at £168,500. It came up for auction again in June 2019, this time at Christie’s, where it sold for £731,250 – quadrupling its value in 10 years.


Submerged Phone Booth, £722,500


SUBMERGED PHONE BOOTH (£722,500) ©Phillips

With the rise of the internet and mobile phones, telephone boxes have become symbols of a now defunct way of life in Britain. One of Banksy’s few sculptures, Submerged Phone Booth appears to be a tongue in cheek comment on this loss, not just in daily life but also in popular culture. The work was sold for £722,500 at Phillips in 2014.


Bacchus at the Seaside, £669,000


BACCHUS AT THE SEASIDE (£669,000) ©Sothebys

Created for Banksy’s hit exhibition Banksy vs Bristol Museum in 2009, Bacchus at the Seaside later went into private hands and was offered at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction on 7 March 2018. The painting, estimated between £250,000-350,000, sold for almost double. It then appeared twice at Phillips – first in their Hong Kong selling exhibition Banksy: Who’s Laughing Now in November 2018, then at their Taipei selling exhibition Banksy: The Authentic Rebel in March 2019. Phillips has not disclosed whether the artwork sold at either shows or its price.


Simple Intelligence Testing, £636,500



This oil on canvas Simple Intelligence Testing series broke the record for a work of art by Banksy at auction when it sold for £636,500 back in 2008. The work depicts an experiment in which a chimp is expected to crack a series of safes to find a bunch of bananas. Instead of following the scientists’ test, however, this particular chimp decides to stack up the safes in order to escape the laboratory.


Happy Shopper, £506,500


HAPPY SHOPPER (£506,500)

In 2009, the show Banksy Versus Bristol Museum, in which Banksy inserted a number of works into the institution’s permanent collection, opened to great acclaim. This work, Happy Shopper, which later sold for £506,500 at Phillips in 2014, prompted speculation that it was intended as a satirical comment on consumerism and the objectification of women. Commenting on the exhibition Banksy said, “Some of the fake historical relics I’ve inserted among Bristol’s permanent collection should be entertaining — you can’t tell what’s truth and what’s fiction. It’ll be like walking through a real-life Wikipedia”.


Girl With A Balloon, £500,000

Banksy Girl with a Balloon


Perhaps one of Banksy’s most poignant artworks, Girl With A Balloon – now the subject of hundreds of prints as well as one shredded painting – was voted Britain’s most loved work of art in a 2017 poll. The work originally began life as a mural on Waterloo Bridge and was later reproduced on a wall in Shoreditch which was then sold at auction for £500,000.


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