Invader, or Space Invader as he is also known, is considered a pioneer of street art. His style will be known to many, even if the artist himself is not, and it’s very likely there is a piece by Invader on a wall near you; to date he has ‘invaded’ 35 cities around the world.


Like fellow street artist Banksy, Invader keeps his identity hidden from all but a select few, often wearing a mask or pixellating his face for interviews, and choosing to define himself  as a ‘UFA’, or an ‘Unidentified Free Artist’. Speaking about his choice to remain anonymous, Invader has said, “I have never been tempted to reveal my identity, what I do and create is more important than who exactly I am.” He installs work under the cover of darkness to ensure he is never caught or revealed, however in 2010 he was arrested for installing a piece marking the end of the 20th century and the fear of the millennium bug on the famous Hollywood sign, and was forced to pay a fine. What is known about the artist is that he was born in 1969 in Paris where he later attended the Parisian École des Beaux-Arts, and that his parents “think he works as a tiler in the construction industry”. Along with his anonymity, the artist’s affiliation with Banksy, who featured Invader in his film Exit Through the Gift Shop, has no doubt also contributed to his success.

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