Invader, or Space Invader as he is also known, is considered a pioneer of street art.

His style will be known to many, even if the artist himself is not, and it’s very likely there is a piece by Invader on a wall nearby; to date he has ‘invaded’ 35 cities around the world.

His work is largely mosaic-based pieces which are modelled on the pixelated 8-bit characters from 1970s and 80s video games, indeed he took his name from the 1978 game, Space Invaders.

As well as using tiles and grout, Invader also creates mosaic pieces using only Rubiks cubes, a style he calls Rubikcubism.

Invader has had solo exhibitions at art galleries in Paris, Osaka, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York City, London and Rome and shown work in prestigious galleries around the world, from MAMA Gallery in Rotterdam to the Borusan Center for Culture and Arts in Istanbul and Lazarides in London. When available in galleries, his highly sought after work can often fetch six-figures.

Like fellow street artist Banksy, Invader keeps his identity hidden from all but a select few, he installs work under the cover of darkness to ensure he is never caught or revealed.

He was arrested in 2010 for installing a piece on the Hollywood sign, California, and was forced to pay a fine.

In that same year, he was one of the featured artists in the Banksy production Exit Through the Gift Shop shot by his cousin, Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash.



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